Electric Kapoor Dhani (Pack Of 2)





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How does it feel to have a positive aroma in the air?

We’ve this Electric kapoor Dhani which removes negativity from your surroundings. This kapoor lamp is made up of steel and there is an electric heater or burner in the bottom portion, which generates and due to which Kapoor/Camphor diffuses itself in the air. Thi keeps the environment filled with kapoor fragrance. Camphor/Kapoor has a holy feeling as it used in every Hindu Pooja and Aarti. Kapoor Dhani can be used in homes, offices, or factories as it purifies the atmosphere by removing tension, depression. It also helps in improving a person’s health. The fragrance of Kapoor/Camphor cleanses the air and improves its odor.

  • Easy to use. Produces less smoke and is very easy for cleaning, Heavy Duty Coil.
  • It is used for burning incense which is to the gods and goddesses or for aroma.

  • Electric Kapoor Dhani saves your time in burning charcoal and also produces less smoke.
  • beautifully ornate way of filling your rooms full of wonderful fragrances.

How To Use:

  • Insert the plug into the socket
  • Switch on the button for a few minutes

  • Put some kapoor / Dhoop on the top plate & Enjoy.


Electric Kapoor Dhani (Pack Of 2)