Silicone Hair Catcher/Strainer (Set Of 5)





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Clogged Kitchen Sink? Say no more

A clogged sink is the worst thing to find when you are about to clean utensils, use the bathtub, or even wash your hands. Waste of different types tries to get through the sink and chokes it, resulting in a really dirty mess.

Well, we have something for you now. This Silicone Hair Catcher/Strainer can catch all the hair stopping it clogging up the drain. Fit most strainers and pipes, great for kitchen, bathroom & utility sinks, bathtubs and showers. A good helper for your bathroom &kitchen. 

Dimension – 15.0 x 15.0 x 0.2cm


These drainage protectors with suction cups are made from heat-resistant, durable, high-quality silicone. The material makes this product flexible. The silicon also gives this product the suction quality, making it immovable from water pressure and other things. Every arm of the star shape has suction cups, making it suitable to use with any drainage.  


Starfish molded hair catcher with 5 suction cups to hold the catcher in place on the tub floor. The slight dome in the middle gives it a natural flow to adjust with any sink or drainage. It catches hair, food waste, and other stuff due to its perforated top surface.

Widely used

Perfect use in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, fit most basins, drains, sinks, and slop sinks. You can easily pick it up and suction it to the wall to dry, thereby ensuring easy cleaning.

Easy Setup and Cleaning

This product is effortless to install anywhere, making it easy to use. Simply press down on the suction cups for a secure hold and you are set. This Basin Strainer fits securely on most standard tub and shower drains. A simple disc that sits there covering the hole, but is easily cleaned by warm water or soap.

Note: please soak the silicone hair catcher in hot water for 1-2 minutes before installing, so the suction will work better.



Silicone Hair Catcher/Strainer (Set Of 5)