Double Ring Crystal Car Air Freshener (Black)





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Solar powered Air freshener for your Car

  • [ Elimination Of Odor ] : Air Freshener for car has concentration and extraction of natural flower and fruit tree raw materials. The fragrance is mild and contains no industrial alcohol and artificial flavors, has a long-lasting aroma, safer for babies and pregnant women. A piece of aromatic fragrance can last about 30 days, and you can replace your favorite aromatic fragrance tablets after use.
  • Solar-Powered Drive】- Using solar energy to drive intelligent rotating purifier, as long as there is sunlight can be automatic rotated to accelerate the diffusion of the aroma, without manual operation. No need to charge, save energy and protect the environment.

  • Easy To Use】:The design is simple and easy to use, antiskid fixed soft adhesive can be fixed everywhere, leaves no traces and won’t scratch your car.
  • Environmental Protection】:Without batteries and without charging, solar energy can be used to rotate on its own, which is environmentally friendly and convenient. Small and practical, does not block the front line of sight, effective decomposition of odor molecules, to purify the air.


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Double Ring Crystal Car Air Freshener (Black)