Moving Sand Art Picture Sandscape Liquid Motion (7 Inch)

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Eye Pleasing Home Decoration 

Watching the natural movement and flow of the sand in the container can be calming and relaxing, helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Looking at the falling sand and the changing different landscape scenes, you will feel particularly calm and relaxed!

This can be especially beneficial for those who lead busy or stressful lives and need a way to unwind and relax.

The Perfect Gift Does Exist

✅ Relieves stress
✅ Improves mood
✅ Non-repetitive dynamic painting
✅ Luxurious & Unique Gift

Non-repetitive Dynamic Pattern

It forms a unique pattern every time. Creates endless unique patterns. It forms infinite dynamic patterns. So, every time you are surprised with a unique design.

Instructions for use

  • Place the sand painting on a shelf for at least 30 minutes.
  • When you operate it, just hold and shake it gently left and right for a while, so that the air bubbles inside become small bubbles, then turn it over to let the sand slowly flow down from the small bubbles.
  • Note: It is normal for some bubbles to get stuck, because the buoyancy of the bubbles is balanced with the gravity of the sand, but the situation rarely happens.
  • After the sand has completely fallen, keep it on the shelf for at least 30 minutes, then turn it over.

10 reviews for Moving Sand Art Picture Sandscape Liquid Motion (7 Inch)

  1. Mukesh Singh

    very nice. it’s really good

  2. Savita Mehta

    I gifted this to my sister. she likes it.

  3. Rohan Verma

    good one

  4. Karan Agarwal


  5. Anju Devi


  6. Anjali Mehta

    very nice product

  7. Riya Sharma

    bohot acha hai

  8. Anchal Singh

    I like this product. quality is good

  9. Tina Arora


  10. Kalyan Singh

    really nice for the room. thank you

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Moving Sand Art Picture Sandscape Liquid Motion (7 Inch)