Combo of Silicone Ankle Heel Protector and Foot Protector (2 Pair Each)





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  • Thick And Soft: The soft heel protectors are made of high grade elastic, durable, heat-resistant, aging-resistant, non-toxic SEBS material for superior cushioning, softer than the normal heel cups.

  • Flexible And Breathable: Designed with multiple ventilation holes, the wraparound heel guards are breathable for comfortable all-day wear. 
  • Protective Heel Cushioning: Soft gel heel protectors help to relieve chronic plantar fasciitis soreness from your sore hurt heels. Heel protectors reduce tired feet quickly gives arch support for flat feet heel orthotics, relieve heel pain and heel pressure.

  • One Size Fits All: These gel heel pads inserts with excellent elasticity and stretchability that can be easily put on and taken off. The flexible heel gently wraps and stretch to accommodate the majority of foot sizes.
  • Washable And Reusable: Hand wash in water with detergent powder and dry in a shade avoiding direct exposure to sunlight.

Product Benefits

    • Silicone enhances Heel Comfort, absorbs impact and reduces friction and pressure on the heels
    • Nourishes dry, rough and cracked heels to get soft and smooth heels
    • Provides hydration treatment to repair dry, painful, hard and cracked skin on your heels.
    • Ultimate for heel pain and heel swelling relief

How to Use :

      • Clean your feet with warm water
      • Dry with a towel
      • Slip on the Heel Protector starting from the tiptoes to the heels and adjust the position
      • To be worn with socks or footwear.
      • Not to be used on wounds that have not healed


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Combo of Silicone Ankle Heel Protector and Foot Protector (2 Pair Each)