Drain Pipe Cleaning Spring Stick





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Remove Any Clog Without Calling The Plumber! Save Your Money!

Drain cleaning stick is a quick & easy way to clear slow-moving or clogged drains and It’s good to remove hair from the drain or kitchen sink. You can use this picker to pull out strands of hair and dirt from clogged tubs and basins, shower drains, drainage pipes, basins, baths and kitchen sinks.

  • Removes Odor-Causing Gunk and Bacteria. The flexible metal tube has good toughness that can be bent freely.
  • Drain cleaning stick is easy to operate with one hand. Simply insert the device into a pipe and pull out. And Drain cleaning stick/Drain cleaning tool used for home and kitchen
  • Drain Cleaning comes with tiny hooks for hooking up hair clogs to remove and clean the drain instantly.
Easy To Use:

Simple two-finger action – pull and release handle to grip. Stop clog backups and improve water flow in drains.

Long And Flexible:

Long enough to get real deep in drains. Stretches deep into even tiny and narrow spaces. It extends deep and contours to pipe shapes. Length size is 60-90cm.

Versatile Gripper:

Suitable for kitchen sink, toilets, washbasin, bathtubs, floor drains. Removes hair, food, garbage & other obstacles.

Effective Manual Grabber:

Simple, sanitary and effective way. This extending tool has a strong four claw gripping clip. A powerful grip that removes 3KG weight at one go!


Drain Pipe Cleaning Spring Stick